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What is a MID approved meter: Everything you need to know for your EV chargers

Ever since October 2006, a time when countries of the world were becoming more aware about the importance of a sustainable future, the European Measuring Instruments Directives (MID) came into existence. It was formulated keeping in mind 10 different measuring types and their combined requirements. 


The aim of this directive is to give more protection to the consumers and thereby safeguarding their interests. It mandates that if you are a property owner, you need to make sure that all the gas and electricity meters in your building are MID approved. The devices that are MID approved have an “M” marked on them along with the year of manufacture. 


CITA Smart EV has made it easy for you whether you install us for your commercial or home use, all our products are MID approved and safe to use. 

To learn more about MID and its impact on sub-metering, visit the following link: