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CITA Connect App

For Domestic & Individual users
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You are powered by a smart application to manage all your CITA Smart 7 monitoring and settings from your iOS or Android mobile phone.

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CITA Smart EV Backend

Management System
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Cita charger management system software lets you track, manage and optimize CITA Smart commercial chargers from wherever & whenever you please.

CITA EV X Monta App

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A CITA EV Partner Portal for Charge point owners


The CITA EV Partner Portal is an all-in-one solution for managing charge points, running your EV charging business and setting up customer charging solutions.


Charge point owners get a full fledged solution to attract users and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions on behalf of their customers.


Through the Load Balancing, Self Healing, and Smart Queue features, it turbocharges your organisation to get the most out of your EV operation.

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