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Commercial Charging Solutions from CITA: An Overview

CITA EV as a brand is well-known for its commercial EV charging solutions. We have a wide, selective range of AC and DC chargers that are easily usable in a work or commercial setup. In this blog, we aim to give you an overview of what are the various popular commercial chargers that CITA has to offer and a short introduction to each of them. 

  1. The CITA Smart 22: A powerful commercial charger designed to provide fast charging to an electric vehicle using its on-board three-phase supply function. To learn more about how your work or commercial space can be equipped with this charger, visit this link.
  2. The CITA SMART 44: The new and improved 44KW EV charger is designed to look and perform its best. Now, it can charge two EVs simultaneously. The charger uses a MID certified meter to ensure accuracy. You can now pre-book the Smart 44 on this link. 
  3. Some of the other chargers that CITA offers include the Smart DC 150, Smart DC 120, Smart DC 60. You can find the full list of the commercial EV charging products on this link. 
  4. Regardless of its technical specifications, all our commercial chargers have RFID access, compatible with multiple types of charging portals and have a 2-year warranty. 
  5. All our products are MID meter certified with access to an OZEV grant. 


Visit the CITA EV website today to pre-order any of our commercial charging offerings. Learn more about the chargers, their technical specifications and other exciting features on our website.